Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few of my favorite things

I decided about 6 weeks ago that the best thing about parenthood was your child telling you she loves you, without being prompted.  I stand by that.  It is precious and heart-warming and wonderful.

Almost equally heart-warming is walking in on my sweet husband cuddled up and reading to our gal.

I also love that A is newly-proficient in putting shoes on.  She takes them on and off, over and over.  Quite entertaining.  This is from a few weeks ago.

A is also making all sorts of new faces, and has mastered the concept of "Cheese!"  She is definitely quite the ham.
Apparently she's excited about this cookie dough.

She can crawl up into the rocker on her own.
This is what I found.
I am feeling abundantly blessed these days.  Tired from chasing the gal, but blessed.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Primary Elections - A season for yelling at the TV

I am not usually one to offend on purpose.  I am by nature a people-pleaser and tend to keep my mouth shut rather than arguing with people I know will disagree with what I say.  Especially when it comes to politics.  I am not very well-spoken, and get tongue-tied and later think of things that I should have said.  In my former line of work (teaching history), this happened enough times for me to learn my lesson and just keep quiet.  Maybe with the power of proof-reading I will not embarrass myself too much, and get a couple things out there.

I am WAY more conservative than I used to think.  I am definitively a Republican, married to a man who, unfortunately, could care less about the direction of our nation and rolls his eyes when I yell at the TV.  In the quiet of my living room, I have aligned myself with "moderates" on shows like Meet the Press (which until recently I watched every Sunday morning, without fail).  As this political season progresses, however, I have to admit I am so much more conservative than I thought.  And old school.  Examples: I don't want a woman president.  I don't want a young president.  I used to not be fazed by discussion of new federal laws passed and was okay with some social discussion on the federal level - I even once taught the FDR period and agreed with my students that social programs were a good thing!  (Oh how that's changed!)  I don't think parents of young kids should be president.  (Four years ago I thought it was unimaginable that people claimed Sarah Palin could still be an active parent for her children!)  Some of these things may be a result of my new role as a parent.  But mostly I think it has to do with age. (maturity???)

Here's where I stand, in case you were wondering:
I am a Republican by definition of the word: I believe in little government.  (Unfortunately, few Republican politicians remember that's what it means.)
I am a firm believer in the free enterprise system.
Abortion should be illegal.  If we can't make that work, it should absolutely not be funded by tax dollars.
Marriage should be between a man and a woman.
I disagree with every single Republican's opinion on education.
Welfare should have time limits, and maybe drug tests, involved.
I believe the place for social welfare starts in the church and community - it's scriptural.
Let's re-write the tax system!  Consider a combination of the graduated income tax or the flat tax idea?

I used to not feel that these things could be this simple.  I would argue with the television, or Rick and Bubba, or whomever that there needed to be caveats in order to make it work in society.  That's still probably true for most things.  I guess I've seen enough federal elections to realize that the media basically chooses what the public talks about, and therefore narrows our candidates for us.  (Ugh!)  And I don't like that in this coming election I will basically be forced to choose between a moral, conservative-living man who does not vote or govern conservatively, or a man who votes conservatively and does not live that way.  Call me crazy, but I want someone I can respect, and agree with on some things!  It would help if he could manage himself in a news conference, too.  Or at least be someone respectable.  Can't George Washington's spirit come over someone and run for president?  Oh wait - I don't believe in that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jesus is the Season of the Reason!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  (A little belated, I guess.)

I hope your Christmas was filled with laughter and love and surprise and little reminders that, as my nephew Ben says, "Jesus is the Season of the Reason!"  He said it with such confidence and excitement, over and over, and by the time Christmas morning rolled around I started getting the phrase backwards in my own head!  When that sweet three year old said it the right way at church on Christmas I was so disappointed; I liked it the other way coming from him.  Our little family joined Brad's parents and sister's family for Christmas, so there were lots of folks and a LOT of toys tossed together in one house.  The words controlled chaos come to mind.
Just think - there will be more stockings before too long 

Lots and LOTS of presents
We enjoyed the visit with family and friends.  It made coming back "home" to Birmingham a little bittersweet though; almost like we moved again.  I am so, so ready to get into a a routine here and find a playgroup for A!  Any takers?

The new year, like everything else lately, snuck up on us.  We had nothing fun or exciting planned, and did not stay up to see 2012 come.  Now that it's January and every "news" story on television has to deal with how to keep your resolutions, I'm feeling like I need to make some.  I don't usually do the whole "This year I will _____ " thing.  I am not sure why I don't; there's obviously nothing wrong with having goals and making resolutions.  I usually do it a few times throughout the year, committing to set my alarm every morning to get up for my quiet time, join a new Bible study, watch less TV, etc.  This year, however, I am sort of making some.  (How's that for being resolute, huh?)

1. Be more intentionally positive.  If you know me at all, you know that this is not actually a problem I have; I'm almost always an optimist, to the point of annoying many.  What I mean is to be more positive about stuff immediately around me, on purpose.  I am guilty of making Brad feel bad for leading us here to Birmingham several times recently.  I didn't mean to make him feel this way; I certainly don't regret the move at all.  Both times I was just being honest about something going on in A and I's day, like being alone at the park, or stuck at the house, or whatever, but it came across as complaining and awful to him.  I plan to be prayerfully, intentionally positive about the rest of this transition... even if it means not griping about this teeny tiny house.

2. Have the TV on less, especially when A is awake.  I don't sit and watch it for long, ever, but have it on as background noise.  She watches it though, so it's got to stop.  Ugh.

3. Initiate conversations with strangers.  Not exactly my strong suit, but it's got to help the whole making friends thing, right?

4. Pray more intentionally for A and her future.  I have been somewhat diligent in begging God for her salvation, but what about the years in between, and the years after?  I want to help guide who she will become, which must involve prayer for her, and for myself since she watches me and already copies things I do.

I am excited about the things God has in store for us in 2012.  I have no idea about some things, but I am hopeful, and I know He has it all planned out.

Oh and #5. Continue doing A's hair as high as possible.  :)