Monday, November 19, 2012


I keep seeing all these posts on Facebook for what people are thankful for.  I love them!  I considered jumping on the bandwagon for about a second, until I realized that at that moment it was already several days into the month, and there would inevitably be days where I totally forgot to post anything and I would feel ridiculous.  So, as I have a few moments here and there, I'm doing it on the blog instead.

I am thankful for...

Salvation.  The freedom in Christ I receive but rarely take full advantage of, which comes from the gracious mercy that my loving Savior pours out new every morning.  Instead of living in the abundance of said mercies, I continue to nurture my sin nature (which should be long dead to me) and waste my time asking myself why I can't or don't or won't have or be __________.  Which leads me to...

Forgiveness.  I am so grateful for forgiveness.

Bradamuffin.  I'm so thankful for his wisdom and leadership and love.  I love the way he loves our girls.  I love the way he's always got a plan.  (And I love that he stays with me in spite of the awful nickname, haha.)

Addison.  Wow.  I knew that motherhood would be wonderful, but how wonderful was absolutely beyond my imagination.  And every day (well, most days), I enjoy it more and more as I get the privilege of seeing her grow and learn and love.  I am amazed at the gifts and traits I already see the Holy Spirit growing in our gal.  Is it my overactive imagination, or will her slightly stubborn streak one day turn into leadership like her daddy?  And when she loves on her friends in school who are sad, and asks girls in ballet to play, is she being an encourager like her mama?  The mind reels at the possibilities.  It may be my imagination, but I love it nonetheless.  I love hearing her sing and explain Jesus to her stuffed animals.  Mostly I'm thankful that I already see a loving spirit in her.  

yes, she is holding my well-worn copy of We Were Soldiers.  Kid after my own heart!

Audrey.  How does one mama get so lucky as to have two sweet-natured children?  When Audrey woke up this morning (NOT crying, after 8 1/2 hours, by the way), she smiled and cooed and giggled at me as I changed her diaper.  I could not help but wonder if it's by nature that both our girls are good-natured in the morning, or if it's sheer blessedness?  Seriously, while I may enjoy sleeping till 7:30 every once in a while, it's so wonderful to have everyone up and happy in the morning!  I always hear people say that the second child is crazier than the first...  The jury is still out on that one (Audrey is only 9 weeks old after all), but so far we've gotten another easy, sweet baby.  And, just like her sister, she is a nosy people-person.  (I wonder where she gets it???)

As I've mentioned on this blog before, I am overwhelmingly thankful for the legacy of faith our families and friends brought to Brad and I, and that we have the privilege of passing on to our gals.  The time some folks have spent on their knees for the two of us - and probably for our families because of us, haha - is evident and we remain abundantly blessed by others who pour out love on us like nothing else.

I am so thankful to be able to stay home with our girls.  This is something that Brad and I used to actually argue about when we were first married: I was certain that I would never want to quit my teaching job, and was convinced that it would never dawn on me to even want to stay home with kids.  Boy has that changed. To that point, I'm thankful for my last full time teaching job... It was so much more stressful, time-consuming, exhausting, and seemingly pointless than my previous two jobs.  I am now certain that the Lord used my two years there to bring me to the point of changing the desires of my heart.  His plan is always so much bigger and better than we can imagine for ourselves.

I'm grateful for what being a mom has taught me about our relationship with the Father.

I'm thankful for the holiday season.  From the first day of fall when I get out my pumpkins to the week after New Years when I grudgingly take down the tree, it's a constant reminder of the attitude of gratefulness I should be living out all year long.  I need reminders.  

By the way, I think it should be spelled "GREATfulness."  Mr. Webster (quite appropriately) never asked me though.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Motherhood Favorites

So, it's been a long day.  Today started out with two poop accidents in big girl undies, while I was on the phone with the cable company.  (Collective "eeewwwwee!")  As I wrapped up an unhelpful phone call and tried to clean up post-Halloween-we-had-too-much-candy-poop in Addison's big girl britches without losing my cool, I took a deep breath.  (Because yes-you read that correctly-we're the only nut jobs dumb enough to potty train a two year old with a new born in the house.)  Tuesdays and Thursdays are supposed to be the easy days!  The days where I get a few hours with just Audrey and I while Addison's at mom's morning out.  Where I might actually get a workout and/or shower completed.  Where the house might not sound like a herd of elephants running all morning, or a tornado coming through.  While trying to listen to the Charter Communications lady and Addison at the same time, I decided that today would not be one of those Thursdays, and I gritted my teeth to get ready.
we fit in some snuggle time this morning... check out these cheeks!
One trip to Wal-Mart, one cuddle session with Audrey, an un-finished workout, two more gross changes, and two extremely loud Charter Cable guys (precious nap-time-wreckers) later, the house is still standing.  The Lord provided a seemingly endless morning for me to get most of what I wanted to accomplish done, and me with enough energy and patience to take it all in stride.  Funny how that happens, huh?  When you think that surely you're gonna lose it, God blesses you with an extra dose of sanity.  Some surplus perspective to be able to laugh at the fact that your two year old is in bed calling "ALL ABOARD!" to all of her stuffed animals individually (apparently there is an separate train coming for each of them), instead of sleeping.  A super-strong anti gag-reflex so that the endless laundry from a new born and a potty-training toddler doesn't overwhelm you.  God is so good.  And He is enough.  And He is faithful.

Here are some recent pictures of us enjoying this beautiful fall.

running around Samford with my sweet nephew Holmes
Fall Festival time!
I love strawberries... and when kiddos match... and these two gals!
First time trick-or-treating as a family of four
"Mommy!  Look at all my candy!"
So while I'm thinking about the good and the bad of mothering two babies, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about motherhood.  (These are not in order.  And it's not a complete list.)
~ Nap time.  It doesn't happen often for me, but it's an elusive dream that I get to enjoy every once in a while.
~ Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.  I can finally eat them every day without feeling silly.
~ Hugs and kisses.  The kind I don't have to ask for.  
~ Coloring.  I love coloring.  And new crayons.  Maybe more than my two year old.
~ Leg warmers.  That's right.  Between Audrey's leg warmers and Addison's outfit for mommy and me ballet, its like a 1980s workout video around here.

~ The library.  I can now love the library (as I always have) without sounding like such a nerd.  Instead I call it "instilling a love for reading."
~ When Addie says "I wanna howld you Mama!"  Too sweet.
~ Bed head.
~ The way a baby falls asleep the second you hold her tight.  It makes me so sad that Audrey is growing so fast!  I fear she will out grow this stage soon.
~ Motherhood itself.  I finally understand why my dad cries every time we leave.  Or they leave.  Or we hug.  It's overwhelming.  This feeling puts the love God must have for us into perspective.  I understand it a teeny bit better, and am so thankful and overwhelmed at the same time.  Like, I get how He must long for the day when this time on Earth is over and we can be with Him eternally in Heaven.  And it makes me equal parts want it to come so I can be with Him, and want time to slow down so I can cherish time with my gals.

Rest time is over.  I was about to post this when I heard a thump and Addison start yelling "Mommy! Help me!" over and over.  I ran in to find her crying, and hanging upside-down from the side of the bed.  She can flip off, but not back on.  I'm the terrible mom who laughs at her kids.