Monday, July 9, 2012

The gal is two!

Soon I will have to stop referring to Addison as our "gal."  We will have two, after all.  In the meantime I will continue to use this Gowing term of endearment for my sweet girl.  My sweet big girl, I should say.  She is two.  The light of my life, her Daddy's love, the focus of our future and my days, and the gift that has taught me so much about myself and who God created me to be, as well as about our Father's love, is two years old!
I distinctly remember discovering I was pregnant with her.  Brad had such a funny reaction.

I remember being so scared when we found out she had to be delivered by C-section.

I remember waking up at midnight before going into the hospital to fix myself eggs and toast to tide me over; I couldn't eat for 12 hours before surgery, and I didn't want to be in a foul mood when they brought my baby to me.  (If you've ever been around me when I'm hungry, you understand.)  My dad got up to eat with me before we went back to bed.

I remember when they held her up and Brad walked around my head to get a better look at her.  First he told me she was beautiful, then I think he said something about how the inside of my stomach was disgusting, then he realized our camera was out of batteries so he ran across the hall to borrow one.  :)

I remember the first time I nursed her, the hospital had some sort of fire alarm or something go off, so all the grandpas and friends and youth who were visiting (and there were several of each) were ushered back into the room with us, awkwardly listening to Addison's first attempt at eating on the other side of a curtain.  Haha.

I remember our first walk: Brad held me up, while I held onto the hospital bassinet for dear life and walked around the hall so slowly it seemed like time stood still.  I'm pretty sure I was bent over at a 90 degree angle.

I remember being nervous about introducing Addison to Rosco, and quickly realizing we had nothing to be concerned about.

Our first days and weeks at home were a struggle.  Thank goodness for my parents and sister, who all stayed so long to help!  I cried like a baby when my mom left town, so sure I was going to screw up royally without help.  But as I figured out what I was doing, and she learned how to not over-eat (she is, after all, her mother's child!), life got easier and my heart has seemed to grow outside of my body.  It continues to do so.  How do people without children understand even an ounce of the Father's love for us?  I barely grasp it at all, and I tear up almost every time I pray with or for Addison.  Her mere existence has brought joy to Brad and I from the moment we found out she was coming.

Even now, as the "NO!"s and "MINE"s have increased and sometimes led to more frequent spankings.  As the twos come on strong and bring methods of manipulation that I never imagined my sweet baby capable of, I am struck by frustration, yes, but love.  And laughter.  (Let's face it: unless you're in the middle of Publix or something, a tantrum is often quite funny.)

So happy birthday sweet Addison Grace.  I love you so much and I pray every day for your salvation, loving spirit, and kindness.  Mostly I pray your daddy and I don't screw this up too badly.I know our sweet Savior has much, much in store for you!

The month leading up to her special birthday has been a busy one: settling in, visiting Texarkana for a week, family reunion south of Dallas, and a week in Pensacola has exhausted all of us but been so fun.  A month in pictures should suffice...

practicing for "baby sister"

cousin Holmes
Grandaddy & RaRa
all the Gowing cousins + our sweet friend Will

loving on our new cousin, baby Kate

Elmo birthday cake for the family "party"

yup: my kid for sure