Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Armistice Day

Happy Veterans Day.

Or, as I still like to call it, Happy Armistice Day.  I will celebrate my own moment of silence at the eleventh hour today on this eleventh day of the eleventh month, when the fighting in Great War stopped.  (Whatever; I am a nerd and I own it.)  Today I am thankful we don't speak German.  Or Hungarian.  Or Italian I guess.  Or, since I just watched "Killing Kennedy" on National Geographic channel... I am super glad we don't speak Russian.  (Can you imagine?)  But that's a different matter all together.

I am abundantly thankful today for the veterans that I know and love.  And so many others.  That put your safety and mine, and the welfare of our country above their own.  For their families.  For their wives.  Bless them.  For their mamas.  Give them peace.  For their kids.  Give them strength.  (I saw a YouTube thing of a middle school kid giving a speech or something and his dad, who had been serving overseas, came in and surprised him in front of the whole school.  I bawled like a baby.  I am crying right now just thinking about it.)  

My dad is retired Army, having served more than 20 years.  My baby brother carried on the tradition and is a Lieutenant in the Army, serving in the armpit of America.  (Sorry Ft. Polk.)  Both of my grandfathers served.  Brad's grandfather was a cook for the Army.  Our nation has so much to be thankful for, largely due to men and women who committed to serve their country in ways that most of us are unwilling to.  Who fought in so many ways to protect rights and privileges that we enjoy, but would have no idea about if we lived in any other country.  I am thankful.  In the midst of political strife and awful decisions made by our leaders and scandals and drama, I am thankful.  I hope you are too.

In another matter all together, this morning my three year old asked what God's hair looks like.  I can't even make this up, y'all.

Happy Armistice Day.  Give a Veteran a hug or a handshake today.  I'm too far away to hug any of my Vets.