Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I almost typed "Happy V-Day," but I have an issue with that - a rather dorky issue - every time I hear the shortened "V-Day," I think for a second that it's talking about V-E or V-J Days.  As in the end(s) of World War II, Victory in Europe, May 1945, and Victory in Japan in August.  Random, huh?  Yes, I'm a nerd.  Sometimes I miss teaching history - being immersed in it.  Sigh... That's a blog for another day.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day, even if Brad doesn't.  (Yes, Brad dislikes Valentine's day.  That means I rarely get a gift - sometimes not even a card - from Brad.  Oh well.  He did empty the dishwasher and call that a "gift."  HAH!  He's such a scrooge wanna be.) 
I love any day where there's a reason to dress up!  Now, I didn't really dress up (I wore pink), but Addison did. 

When we were kids, Malia and I would come downstairs and our dad would have roses for my mom, and a rose and a card for each of us, asking us to be his "other" valentines.  This happened year after year.  How sweet is that?  I wonder if Brad will get over his anti-v-day sentiment to do something sweet like this for Addison?

To make the week even better, the weather could not be any more fabulous!  Today was absolutely beautiful.  Addison and I spent some time outside, walking around, playing in the dirt, sitting with Rosco.  I am so hopeful that this beautiful weather is here to stay for a while!

We've had an exciting couple of weeks, I guess:
freezing after the race
Brad participated in the Double Bridge Run; Addie and I went out to support him in the cold.

too many kids, not enough time

Addison went to her first Super Bowl party.  She had tons of fun.  She wore a sweet smocked sports dress a friend gave us: it has a football, a baseball, and a basketball on it! 

 Addie is getting up on all fours on her own, and tries to move!  She goes backwards, mostly, and pretty fast, haha!  She rocks back and forth, and if she actually tries to move forward, she face-plants.  She's so proud of herself.

Our gal is also pulling up.  Usually it's whenever she can grab ahold of our fingers or hands or arms.  After naps I've been letting her pull herself up, and then showing her how to hold on to the edge of the crib.  One day I might regret that, but right now it's too precious to care!  She get's so excited!  She's also waving, but not really "Hi" or "Bye"... it's more for the reaction.  For example, she waved at me the entire time I tried to feed her dinner tonight.  I think she just didn't want to eat!

 Of course, she still loves to roll places, like under my bed...

and she still loves that silly Cath Kidston bag...

 see?  Such committment!