Thursday, December 30, 2010

this one's a doozy

Did I spell that right?  doozy?  That's a weird word, but it says a lot.  I typed that to imply that if you don't plan to sit still for a while, you may not want to start reading this entry... and to identify the types of days that can sneak up on you, and suddenly it's 8pm and you want to be in bed already.  A doozy.  adj.  not necessarily a negative term, but one that describes an extra-ordinary event or series of events  a time period, in this case.

get your own presents, Mom
Merry Christmas! 
Can people not say this any more?  As Brad and I were driving home from my sister's house in Texarkana, I was thinking about this.  A woman in a children's store in Arkansas looked at me like I was a little nuts when I wished her a "Merry Christmas" as I checked out on December 23.  Was that weird?  I've found myself actually forgetting to say it to people this year, which is very unlike me.  At least the lady in Dillards smiled when we said it to her.  I guess it's out of the ordinary.

and yes, her hair is long enough for bows! Brad doesn't like them, and keeps taking them out
Christmas in Texarkana was different.  Malia and Bill kind of live in the country, outside of town.  There were lots of people, which meant lots of cooking.  The boys got bored sometimes... they went in the back yard and "shot stuff" or "burned stuff."  Addison was spoiled rotten; when we got home she suddenly couldn't remember how to play by herself! Malia and Bill are going to have a baby!  She's due June 28th, and I'm super excited for them.  Everyone got too many presents (none of which I'm sorry for, by the way), and Christmas dinner was great.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

the ribbon is way more fun than the present

I'm not sure I should be working.  I mean, I like my job.  I like the people I work with.  It's perfect for someone who wants to have their child right there with them, and who wants to be involved in things in our children's ministry, but I may need an attitude adjustment.  And a clear head.  And a desk all to myself.  :)  (I usually share a desk with whoever else is passing through the office.  This week, though, the preschool has been out, so I got tons of work done, even today when I had to take Addison with me!)  Here is my delima, for all the blogosphere, or whatever, to read: I know that the Lord is the Great Provider, and He will provide us with the means to provide Addison with what she needs as she needs it.  As Brad says, I don't have to work right now, but in my mind I go back to this "Provider" personality of our sweet savior and remind myself that maybe this is Him providing for us for later.  I'm still in doubt, but I'll go back next week, and the next, until I'm clear about it one way or another.  I kinda feel like someone helping in a ministerial capacity should probably know, though.  I'm praying for clarity.

My child is moving!  In the last two weeks she's started sitting up on her own, and rolling from back to front (she's been rolling from front to back for a couple of months).  This has led to all sorts of new adventures: rolling across the floor to get to something she wants.  (Brad found her tucked in next to the fireplace last night when he stepped away for a moment.)  Doing a face-plant from the sitting position onto the floor in order to roll to a toy she can't reach.  (It's pretty funny to watch her do this; like some sort of contortionist.  But she won't do it if she can see you watching her.)

Addison has started making this new, annoying noise.  (I'm making it right now to demonstrate, but you can't hear me.)  It's almost like she's trying to leave me a gift in her diaper to change, but she's not.  I think it's her way of expressing dislike for something.  Or maybe she just likes the noise.  Either way, it's not fun to hear, but she's doing it a lot.

Is she or isn't she?  I've thought she was teething a couple of times in the last 2 months.  Now, though, she's smacking her gums, and drooling even more than before (which is remarkable), and not sucking on her paci, but biting it.  Addison has woken up after only 45 minutes of naps the last two days, and she can't seem to get settled down.  And sometimes early from night-time sleep.  I rock and rock her, or sing to her, or walk with her, or jostle her, or do all of it, and she's not happy.  That is VERY unlike my sweet-natured gal.  In fact, as I type, my almost-six-month old is swinging in one of those infant swings (but not asleep, mind you) because my arms were falling asleep trying to get her settled back down.  We had to deal with this a lot at night in her first two months, but she weighed significantly less back then!  I can only assume-and desperately hope-that this unhappy, slightly grumpy, definitely sleepy girl will go back to her "usual" self once this tooth comes through?  Is it too much to hope?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

3rd Annual Cookie Swap

Well today Addison and I hosted our Cookie Swap - my 3rd, her 1st.  Addison genuinely loves anything where people are around, so she had a ball.  (Lots of people holding her and telling her she was cute - I think we have a Priss Pot on our hands!  We'll have to work on that later.)  We had 11 adults, 7 kids, and a ton of sweets!  Several of our friends could not make it, and we missed them, but hopefully they can make it next year. 

Brad's not a fan of Addison & Henry here 

I love having this little get-together for my friends every year... really I love just getting together and having time to sit around and talk.  The good food is a bonus.  I do love hosting it too!  I love pulling out all my Christmas stuff to serve on, wrapping my cabinets like Christmas presents, and baking some yummy snacks for us to munch on.  If you love the TV show "Friends" like I do, picture Monica here, dreamily saying, "I am always the hostess."  I'm not always the hostess, and that's good, but I enjoy it when I am.  I didn't really do a very good job this year with this: I didn't describe the "swap" part of the party on the evite; I didn't tell people how many cookies to bring, and I forgot to have people bring copies of their recipes!  (I'm exceptionally bummed about this last part, because I want to know how to make some of these, and now I can't remember who brought what to ask!)  Here are some pictures of the kids... we forgot before some people left, and then had a hard time getting everyone on the couch together.  Oh well.
Reese, Clayton, Henry, and Addison

Emma & Savannah

I think it looks like Addison is seriously considering something Reese is explaining

  My new hobby (sort of) has been sewing.  I've had a sewing table set up in our den for two months, working on various projects.  A dress, a onesie with a Christmas tree on it, a few bows, etc.  None of them are fantastic, but I've enjoyed playing around.  Brad keeps reminding me that I can find "those things" at a store, but it has been fun!  This dress here was my first "big project," and while I was working on the sleeves I guess the word fun didn't really come to mind.  It turned out pretty cute though.  When I was confused about a couple of aspects of the pattern, I kept picturing that "Saved by the Bell" episode where they sew clothes for Lisa, and someone (maybe Kelly?) sews herself into a sleeve.  That's an oldie but a goodie. 

Addison and I have been singing and dancing to all sorts of Christmas carols lately.  She seems to like them, but then she likes any kind of music.  It's putting me in the Christmas spirit, though.  I bought my last present today, and mailed my cards yesterday, so all that's left is to enjoy this special time of year!

I hope whenever you're reading this, and whatever you're doing, you're having a fantastic day, and a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, December has rushed in like nothing else, hasn't it?  I guess it always does this, but I'm typically surrounded by calenders and lesson plans and schedules and football season that spills into basketball season, so I was a little more aware of the speeding time bomb that is the holiday season.  haha!  This year it's been diapers and giggles and drool and pulling Addison's feet out of her mouth.  Needless to say, I haven't really paid a lot of attention to calenders!
November was busy, and Addison is now quite an experienced traveller!  The week before Thanksgiving we headed to Nashville for the National Youth Workers Convention with Brad.  We met some new folks, saw some old friends, and spent a few days roaming around downtown Nashville.
Brad & Addie with our friend Sam & his daughter Lindley
 We were in town for barely 24 hours before we turned around to head to Callaway Gardens for Thanksgiving.  We met Britton and Brian and the boys, along with Missy and Pop for a weekend of fun!  We had lots of good food and lots of fun, and came home pretty worn out.

Three of the McPhersons were sick, so it was inevitable we would get the funk that's been going around their house.  I got it this week, and am praying that Brad and Addie stay in the clear.  I started my new job as children's ministry assistant this week, and, other than feeling crummy, enjoyed the company and the change of pace... I missed the mornings with my gal, though.