Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here's your sign: the miracle of life.

As I lay in bed a couple nights ago, I was amazed for the 100th time that I could not only feel my new daughter trying to get comfy in my stomach, but also feel her have the hiccups.  The hiccups!  And I asked my husband for the millionth time, "How could anyone who has ever been pregnant or nursed a baby ever question that there is an Almighty Creator?"  Seriously.  Feeling a life growing inside you is miraculous, and such a precious gift and reminder that there is a God.  How can an obstetrician, who knows what babies do as they grow and how a mother's body changes - bones and hips and muscles actually change shape! - ever doubt that we were knit together in very specific ways by a Heavenly Father who tenderly cares for each life formed?  I may gripe about how uncomfortable being nine-months pregnant is, but I am constantly in awe of this sweet baby inside my belly and our Father who decided to bless us with her.

Kind of on that subject...  While watching NBC Nightly News today, I saw a flash-back to the Democratic Convention four years ago.  The woman speaking said something to the point of "a woman considering an abortion should not be forced to have an ultrasound against her wishes."  Then the camera showed a cheering crowd.  First of all, I didn't realize that was a rule anyone anywhere who actually performs abortions enforces.  Secondly, SHOULDN'T THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING???  If when an expectant mother sees the shape of her child - whether that be a teeny peanut in the first weeks of pregnancy, or the profile of a miniature face a few weeks later - she recognizes that it's a person, shouldn't that be a SIGN to anyone pro-abortion or pro-choice (let's face it, isn't that the same?) that a fetus is, in fact, a person?  If hearing that sweet heart beat as early as 19 days is enough to make a woman change her mind about the value of the life she carries, shouldn't it tell our doctors, politicians, bloggers, voters, etc. that we cannot, should not, continue make an abortion so accessible?  As comedian Bill Engvall has said, "Here's your sign."

Disclaimer: I'm not a political activist.  I realize that in another woman's shoes, choices may be much harder to make.  But I pray that cooler - more reasonable - senses prevail in our culture to teach women in all circumstances the early stages of life.  And for leaders more aware of the sanctity of life.

Ps: If  you've never heard Engvall and you like family comedy, check him out.