Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You've been a mom for how long???

I just realized I haven't written anything on this silly blog since February.  A special day brought me back here.  My big gal turned three today.  I cannot believe it.  I sincerely cannot wrap my brain around it.  Will every year, every milestone be this way?  Will every significant event illicit such an "OH MY GOODNESS! WHY IS TIME SPEEDING BY SO FAST?" type of response?  Probably.

It is 2:56 right now.  Three years ago at this point I was still in the recovery room after surgery, staring at my beautiful baby girl who looked like an exact replica of my baby pictures.  I was in awe of the amazing, gorgeous, real-live, breathing, whimpering, little bit of a thing who slept on my chest.  Let's face it: I still am.  Y'all.  God is simply so good.

I have my regular afternoon episode of "Friends" on right now.  It's the one where Ross' son is born.  I am not exaggerating when I say I cried.  It's just whatever.  I am one blobbery mess today.

Have you ever heard someone say that having kids taught them what it means to have their heart walking outside of their body?  I had read that somewhere, before having children, and I thought it sounded so hokey.  And awkward.  And dumb.  Like, "of course you love your kid; you'd be a monster if you didn't."  But it is so true.  Not only that - mixed with amazement that God has allowed this miraculous, energetic, girly, silly little person to bless your heart each day - but having children has also given me a much deeper understanding of the Father's love for me.  For you.  For us.  How His faithfulness and love and grace and judgment and discipline all coexist.  Perhaps that is why God invented parenthood.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to the last few months. They sort of highlight her crazy, silly personality.

at my brother's wedding

Yes, she is wearing lipgloss. 
Holding Audrey's hand and telling her to sit still.

Telling Audrey "practice your walking by pushing me in this wheelchair!"  Awesome.

The girls love reading  and snuggling with Daddy
Fourth of July love

"I love the beach! And Pinkalicious! And dancing! And tutus!"

"Mom! Enough with the pictures!"

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